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Muscadine varieties ripen from early August through September. Mature fruit are easily dislodged from the vine.  The muscadine season is a relatively short harvest time. On average we will harvest muscadines for about 10 weeks, some years a little longer and some a little shorter depending on the weather and fruit load.

Prices--You Pick

$2.00 Per Pound

Already Picked

$2.75 per pound


If you need more than 2 pounds picked, please call ahead so we can have it ready for you.





Bronze--Coming in August 2022

Pam Muscadines--The Pam muscadine  vine is a female variety that produces beautiful bronze fruit and contains 21% sugar. The Pam muscadine can be harvested in clusters.  This muscadine has edible skin.

Hall Muscadines--This large fruit is an early ripening vine with a beautiful yellow-golden skin. Fruit is sweet and juicy with excellent flavor. This muscadine has edible skin.  This variety has a high dry scar percentage and contains 18% sugar.

Late Fry Muscadines--This muscadine produces large fruit with excellent quality and taste. This muscadine has edible skin.  Ripens mid to late season. 21% sugar.


Black--Coming August 2022

Supreme Muscadine--The Supreme muscadine vine is one of the very best and biggest muscadines. This black muscadine vine is a very heavy producer with large clusters and dry scar. The Supreme muscadine has a long shelf life and edible skin.  This variety may have a tendency to over-crop, so fruit thinning may be required. 22% sugar.

Ison Black Muscadine--The Ison muscadine vine is a beautiful black variety.  The Ison muscadine contains 19% sugar. The Ison muscadine vine produces some of the best wine available because of its taste and flavor. The Ison muscadine skin is edible and the most nutritious part of the grape.

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