Types of Tomatoes--Now Available

Parks Whopper--Red in color, juicy, sweet & meaty.  Great for burgers and sandwichs.
*Brandywine--Red in color, non-acidic, robust tomato flavor.
*Yellow Brandywine--Golden-yellow in color, sweet, satisfyingly acidic.
Tasmanian Chocolate--Deep colors of brown with an earthy flavor.
Roma--Red in color, tangy garden-fresh tomato taste.  Great for sauces.  
Red Bounty--Smooth red fruit with a good tasting beefsteak interior.
Early Treat--Egg size, sweet to balance out the acidic characteristic of other tomatoes.
Early Girl--Medium size, mild tomato.

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Type of Vegetables

Coming Soon
*Mustard Greens
*Turnip Greens
*Cabbage Collards